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Heat-Resisting Light

issuing time :2020-07-27

      Arrlux GAMA bay light is one of the hot sellers as known by all the customers, its regular Ta is -40℃ to +70℃. To meet customers' need for its high temperature application, Arrlux is pleased to launch the new version of it. The new version functions very well in Ta up to +70℃. Its distinctive thermal management guarantees its performance in the harsh working environment e.g. steel plant. Its performance in high temperature environment was proven, and it’s highly recommended. 

      Arrlux provides 4-year Warranty ( 12Hrs / Day )or 30000Hrs @ Ta=+65℃-+70℃, 5-year Warranty ( 24Hrs / Day ) @ Ta=-40℃-+65℃ as well. Thanks for your attention. we look forward to your feedback, and 24/7 ready to service you!


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